Thursday, 28 June 2012

What's in a name?

For a while I've been choosing names for my future children. This will not be for a long time yet... but it's good to be prepared! Here is a list of my chosen names to date and why I love them.

1. Irwin. It's the middle name of the Beat poet Allen Ginsberg (who I love) and you don't come across many Irwins these days...
2. Winston. Well, this is the middle name of John Lennon (who I also love) and I did think it was unusual until Billie Piper named her son Winston. Additionally, whenever I tell people I like the name they say 'as in Churchill?' and I would never want people to think I named my child after him... so this one might come off the list.
3.Woody. It's the name of one of my favourite film directors, Woody Allen. I think it's a really lovely, interesting name, but I have a feeling my child would hate me if I named him this - everyone would say 'like in Toy Story'!
4. Edward (but called Teddy). I think this is a nice, classic, timeless name. But I would never accept anyone calling him 'Ed'... that would be horrific. 
5. Darwin. For the obvious reason that Charles Darwin is amazing. I would like to name my child after someone who made such a significant contribution to our understanding of how we are here today.

1. Lara. I adored the video game character Lara Croft when I was younger. She is just so cool. And how great would it be to say that you are named after a video game?... maybe not. But it's still a lovely name.
2. Olive. Although most Olive's these days are like 90 years old, I love this name. It has a vintage-y feel to it... if a name can be vintage? I think it's interesting and different!
3. Sylvia. I love the poet Sylvia Plath - she's brilliant. I wouldn't want my children to have names that are in fashion for a while and then seem silly. I think this is a perfect example of a beautiful, timeless name.

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