Monday, 11 June 2012

The most pessimistic birthday ever

Last birthday was a good birthday. 16 is a good age. I turned 17 yesterday and I don’t like it. The only positive side to being 17 is the fact I can learn to drive. But even then... learning doesn’t equal having a car to drive. 18 is how old I want to be, for obvious reasons. I don’t see the point in getting older when I still don’t have the things that come with being 18.
I’m also very aware of the fact that time is going. This is no joke. Most people get depressed about reaching 30, or 40 or whatever. I’m having a ‘semi-quarter life crisis’ or something like that. I would actually be happy to be 16 forever, but with the advantages that come with being 18. I don’t want to grow older. Because the older I get, the closer to death I am. And I am nowhere near accepting the fact that I’m going to die. No.
Oh well, never mind. Next year’s the important one.

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