Thursday, 28 April 2011

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Sex and the music industry.

Why is it that music is all about sex these days? 

If a song doesn't have sex in it, then the video will have girls walking around in their underwear...

Did anyone see Skepta's 'All Over The House' video? If you have then you will understand what i'm talking about. If not, then please don't watch it!
Why is the music industry so focused on sex? Actually I think I know the answer to that... because sex sells. But it shouldn't. If it's a music video then it should be about the music not a half naked girl.  

And I don't think that artists such as Rihanna (who have little girls aspiring to be like them) should be singing things like "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but chains and whips excite me."
 Just saying.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

The way I think.

I typed in 'Debating topics' into Google and found a list of debatable questions and statements. So i've decided to answer them each as simply as I can, which should give you an insight to the person I am :)
  1. Evolution or creation: how did human beings come about? Evolution.
  2. Nuclear proliferation: will development of nuclear weapons fuel a third world war? I hope not, but yes I am scared it will.
  3. Quarter life crisis is the new midlife crisis? Probably.
  4. 2012 end of the world: Is the world going ot end in 2012? Of course not. Ridiculous.
  5. US military involvement in Iraq has done more good than harm. Definitely.
  6. Is co-habitation the replacement for marriage? If someone wants it to be. I'm undecided about marriage.
  7. Human cloning should be allowed. If it's safe.
  8. Will there be another Holocaust? Who knows? I really hope not, but humans don't have a great reputation for learning from their mistakes.
  9. Do new born babies remembers their past life? LOL it would be great if they did! But no, I don't think so. 
  10. Should same sex partners have the same rights as heterosexuals? YES.
  11. Are we overworking ourselves? Yes. Life is about work work work. What's the point? Life is so short.
  12. The United States should eliminate its own weapons of mass destruction - do you agree or disagree? Agree.
  13. Is the American dream overrated? Yes.
  14. The Roman Catholic Church policy forbidding the use of contraception should be changed. Yes. And now.    
  15. Should we encourage the belief that kids have in Father Christmas/Santa? I Don't think there's anything wrong with it. So yes, why not!