Saturday, 25 August 2012

Prince Harry and his Crown Jewels...

This week everyone (or those interested) has been discussing the pictures of Prince Harry naked in Las Vegas. I don't really have much of an opinion on it... I don't think it's a massive deal in comparison with other news (SYRIA FOR EXAMPLE?) but at the same time it doesn't seem very prince-like behaviour.

Some people have been saying 'it doesn't matter... why does anybody care?... he's a normal bloke and every bloke has done things like that... etc.' I find this view ridiculous because Prince Harry is not a normal bloke. He's a Prince. And he has responsibilities to act in a certain way. It's not exactly the sort of the thing you would expect from a representative of the country.

However other people have been saying 'it's just disgusting behaviour... he should be ashamed' or whatever. I don't agree with this either. He is just a young man who made a bad decision that night and whose minders weren't quite doing their job well enough... Everyone makes mistakes.

But then I also disagree with the view that says 'he's a very hard working man... he has a difficult life and was just letting off steam'. Yes he may work hard, I am sure he does. But everyone works hard. Not everyone has millions and a free ride in the way that Harry does. I don't feel sorry for him and I think that he should apologise for what has happened. 

So that's my view of the Harry situation. I don't really have a fixed position. I disagree with both sides of the debate about the appropriateness of his behaviour. One thing I do have a strong view on, is the Palace's decision to threaten papers who publish the pictures with legal action. I think this is ridiculous. They can't dictate what papers can and cannot do. As a public figure, Prince Harry is news. And that includes the pictures. There should be no exception just because he's royalty. The pictures can be easily found on the internet anyway so I don't know what difference the Palace think it's going to make. The Sun decided to print the pictures. This is obviously for money and publicity rather than anything else, but who cares? If they want to print them, let them print them. The Palace shouldn't be able to stop the paper.

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